How to unlock Samsung Galaxy J3 or any Samsung Smartphone

unlock samsung galaxy s8

Unlock Samsung Galaxy J3 – passcode, hard reset and carrier unlock

Once in a while, it is not possible to lock ourselves out of our phone, right? Every time it happened, it is unavoidably frustrating, to say the least. However, locking the phone is also essential with the purpose of security. Yet, aside from security, to unlock and lock also has its own hassle. As other smartphones, Samsung Galaxy J3 is armed with its own built-in security features. The features include lock of the phone by using password or pin code. The passcode is defined as password used to prevent easy access in device by strangers. Yet, if user ever forgetting their passcode, they definitely have got their work cut out for them.

Passcode Unlock

The common reason of possible locking even for Samsung Galaxy J3 is forgetting the passcode. Fortunately, there is always a way to unlock the phone when we ever stuck in that problem. Change the passcode/password through two options.

   First  Option!

Using Samsung Find my  Mobile

  • Go to website (sign in by Samsung account)
  • Typed in Samsung credentials -email address and password
  • Choose Unlock your device
  • After unlocked settled, set the new password in the Settings menu
  • Note -If not signed in with Samsung account, factory reset is surely unavoidable

unlock samsung galaxy s8

Android Device Manager

unlock samsung s8 through android manager

  • Access into the Android Device Manager service by using known personal credentials
  • Select Galaxy J3
  • Choose the Lock & Erase
  • Follow the steps stated
  • Create new temporary password
  • After access into the account, can re-create new permanent password
  • Note -Register with the Android Device Manager

Of course, if neither way worked, last option would be the hard reset.

Hard reset

This is a physical way to gain access to the Samsung Galaxy S8, which means erasing all data (i.e., include password lock) in the phone. In Samsung Galaxy S8 and other Samsung phone as well, hard reset usually known as factory reset.

However, as reset meant that phone going to be as empty as its condition when first purchased it. Thus, users who decided to opt for hard reset should take some precautionary measures.

What you should do before hard reset?

Complete backup of all relevant contents (documents, pictures, music, contacts, etc.) How to do backup?

Supposedly it was one of the easiest things like ABC.

Settings …. Accounts …. Backup and restore …. Tum ON by tapping on Back up my data switch  …. Tap Backup Account  …. Tap Automatic restore ON

Note -Backup data also can be transferred to the SD card, pendrive, Google drive, etc.

Steps to Reset:

Using power button

 samsung galaxy s8 reset

  • Turn off the smartphone
  • Press the power, home, and volume up button simultaneously
  • Android icon pop up
  • Select wipe data/factory reset button by using power button
  • The reset occurred for several seconds
  • Then, select Reboot system (i.e., processing for several minutes)

Menu Option


  • Choose Menu button
  • Choose Settings
  • Click on Backup and Reset
  • Choose erase everything
  • Reset considered complete after phone start up

Carrier Unlock Samsung Galaxy J3

Other than forgetting passcode., another lock that can be applied in Samsung Galaxy J3 is carrier lock. This lock, particular come in package when buying the smartphone from carrier. Besides, carrier lock also stated as SIM lock or subsidy lock. Being carrier locked meant that user unable to use another carrier’s SIM card in the same phone.

But, not need to be extra anxious when accidentally carrier unlocked. Incident happen. And this kind of incident fortunately has its own solution. In fact, there are several simple solutions for this.

  • First thing first! Read the carrier contract

Why the contract read is necessary:


To make sure the necessity of unlocking procedure (e.g., prevent stranger inclusion in phone)

  •  Next!


Must contact the carrier


  • Of course to make yourself clear about the locking
  • To knew  the term of unlocking


Exceptional  case!


No other existing financial deal with the carrier. This way, the unlocked can be done through unlocking code.



Obtain the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number


What is the IMEI number?

15 or 17 digit number that used as phone identification

unlock by IMEI number

How to obtain it?


how to find imei

Go to status screen displayed

Select IMEI information

IMEI number


find imei number

Type *#06# _..IMEI number displayed

You can get a free Unlock Code for your device using our form request from the homepage through a unique method.

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